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Fiberbox is an optical isolation tool designed to be used for any CAS playback systems for reduce network noise and reclock. In fact, computer music playback systems are very sensitive and noise. In general network systems, routers generate 2.4G and 5G signals, the LAN cable will be interfered by these high frequency noise, sound quality will deteriorate seriously!! So fiberbox, which uses electro-optical and photoelectric conversion to isolate all unnecessary high-frequency interference one by one! Today, this indispensable CAS accessory has undergone many improvements. Easy to working with current connection of Tidal, MQA, DLNA, Roon bridge and any music format protocol. Also reduces the influence of jitter on signal transmission!

We invented the synchronous clock to optimize the 2 fiber modules to reduce jitter to the minimum! Because the two modules completely use synchronized clock signals, the optical fiber has exactly the same action requirements when transmitting and receiving signals! So as to achieve the effect of reducing jitter. In addition, a high-quality signal transformer completely isolates the clock and fiber module, so it is absolutely very low phase noise.

In addition, LPS provides a high-quality power supply with noise less than 0.2mVrms, so the sound will be 100% pure, no matter the size, the result of the sound power is more punching, wide and deeper space, and vocal and detail very define.

  • OCXO system clock for extreme low jitter 0.25-0.35ps
  • Frequency Stability ±10 ppb Phase
  • 1000M LAN Speed


Fiberbox 是設計用在電腦播放系統中網絡噪音的光隔離工具, 其實電腦音樂播放系統對於噪音係非常敏感的。一般網絡系統因為路由器產生2.4 G和5G訊號所以LAN線都會被高頻嚴重地干擾了導致音質嚴重地下降! 而fiberbox, 就是利用電光,光電轉換將所有不必要嘅高頻幹擾都一一隔離掉。到今日這個CAS不可或缺的配件當中都經歷了很多次的改良。 為了配合現在Tidal, MQA, DLNA, Roon bridge等不用音樂格式protocol的連接, 現在要求lan線內不只要除去雜訊更加要減少jitter在信號傳輸的影響!

我們發明了同步clock去優化2片 fiber module 將jitter 減少最低! 因為兩片模組 完全用同步的clock signal 所以光纖在訊號傳收發時得到完全一致的動作要求! 從而達致減少jitter的效果。
再加上一隻優質的signal transformer 把 clock 和 fiber module 完全隔離所以絕對是非常低phase noise。

另外專用的LPS 提供了雜訊低於0.2mVrms的優質電源供應所以出來的聲音將會是百分百純淨,無論音場大小力量空間感到時前所未有的。

  • OCXO system clock for extreme low jitter 0.25-0.35ps
  • Frequency Stability ±20 ppb Phase
  • 1000M LAN Speed

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